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Monday, August 31, 2020

Etrich Taube 1913 Five-country flight - Modified 1/72nd Airframe vacuform kit

The "Five-country flight" Etrich Taube of 1913 is now ready to take to the skies.
Of undeniable organic inspiration, this graceful bird, clumsy as it may be, heralded the monoplane of the future. Almost all its structural strength came, one may state, from outside, in the form of frames, masts and rigging. A Greek philosopher (like Styrenedes) may have said that at the beginning of life structure also comes from outside as teaching and guidance, when in maturity that structure has been embodied, and it's now inside, as in modern planes.
Philosophical disquisitions aside, this adorable dove, a universal symbol of peace, would soon become embroiled in less than pacific activities, to the shame of all.
That's why I have chosen to represent it under its better light. Igo Etrich, its designer, was not German as some believe, his birthplace was located in what is today the Czech Republic, but was at some point under Austrian rule.

The build started as a... how shall I put it... an extremely basic and old vacuform kit by Airframe, made by John Tarvin in Canada (consisting of the basic volumes and no accessories or decals).

 The construction process can be consulted here:
Simple as they are, even old vacs can show their potential when you apply care and a little time.
Some research was involved as usual, and the build was carried on trying to find the elusive balance between all the aspects involved: data available, the chosen kit, time dedicated, accuracy, etc.

The build-saving decal sheet came from Arctic Decals, who delivered as usual great quality.

May peace and understanding, humanity's Quixotic elusive dream, be found -sooner rather than later, before it's too late.
Meanwhile, be the fragile, graceful, delicate, and inspiring outline of this bird, its symbol.