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Friday, December 13, 2013

Roden 1/72 Opelblitz bus Strassenzepp completed

So here it is completed
As the kit instructions inform us, Strassenzepp was the “marketing” name of this bus, meaning -literally- a Zeppelin for the streets/autobahns.
With its double fins and showy lines, this design is a source of aesthetic pleasure and delight, and has that truly “modern” Golden Age flavor of the late 30’s.
There are a lot of things I like about this little bus, and I am very happy it was released by Roden. There are a few things that need care, though; some are optional, some are not; some are simple, others are a bit more complex to fix.
Although a better molding technology -like a multipart mold for the bodies of both buses as have been used for decades now for 1/24 cars- could have been of fantastic benefit and eliminate the difficult of fixing seams once the body parts are glued; it would nevertheless have increased the comfortable price range bracket where these kits are now.
Perhaps for future bus releases?
In any case it is a joy to have these kits around -there is a companion kit, the Ludewig Aero-:
and I hope Roden will keep releasing this beautiful type of material that has such level of detail and charm, for the pleasure of us the aestheticists among modelers.
Congratulations, Roden.
Please, more!!

For those curious to see the building process, here it is: