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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scratchbuilt 1/72 scale Albatros L.60 completed

Here it is completed
The building article can be seen here


  1. Hi Gabriel:
    I've been REALLY enjoying looking through all your model build posts... it's great fun to watch you work! I've got a bunch of questions, but for now, just two. Question one is... what do you do with your completed models. In other words, how do you preserve and display them. Question two... have you ever considered writing a book on scratchbuilding tehniques? Or to put it another way, can you recommend some books about building scratchbuilds and/or vacuforms? Personally, I'm too chicken to try it since I can hardly finish the easier mainstream injection-moulded, out-of-the-box builds (and when I do, there's always some kind of screw-up that keeps them in a box when finished). Anyway, thanks again for sharing, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work. Best, BG

  2. Hi Brian
    this may require a longer conversation.
    Please go to the Gabriel Stern articles on ARCAIR, like this for example:

    and click on the "write to the author" envelope-like icon on the left. It will open a form for you to mail me directly, and I will reply to the email address you state there.
    Talk to you soon