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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Savoia S.79 Corsa, adaptation from the 1/72nd scale Airfix kit

As I am doing two conversions for this type, if you are looking for the Italeri kit conversion (no hunchback) that's in another post.
For the model of this post, there is a review and step-by-step article here:

This project took some time, and the Airfix kit surely benefits from some sensible work. For all the details, as said above, just go to the build post.

Finally here is one of the several Savoia Marchetti S.79 Corsa that participated in the Istres-Damascus-Paris race, I-ROTR, the only one with the hunchback, since it was mainly a production machine pressed into the race with some adaptations, whilst the other S.79 entries were purposely-modified machines. Decals and masks are home-made, and no little amount of time and effort has been spent on this one. If you have the old Airfix brick, you may like to have a go, if not, just get the Italeri kit, that even with its terrible starving appearance is far better than this oldie. My thanks to Soenke Schulz, who generously sent the kit and the Sorci Verdi (green mice) decals.

I had forgotten the anti-skid walkway and two small metal circles that cover the wing antenna exit points (removed for this machine) located after the windshield side panes, so here they are:

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