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Monday, February 8, 2016

Completed Dujin resin 1/72nd scale Breda 33 Series 1 - with Arctic Decals set

And so we arrive to the completion of the Dujin Breda 33, not after having to follow some meandering paths due the not particularly gracious nature of this kit.
The step-by-step building process is here:
My thanks to Andrew Nickeas for the birthday gift of the kit, to Mika Jernfors of Arctic Decals
for the wonderful decals and to Fabrizio D'Isanto for his comments.
None of them is to blame for any faults in this model :-)
The results you may obtain with these Dujin kits with some effort are nevertheless good.
Monsieur Dujin released a great number of kits of a variety of subjects. Whilst the quality of the masters seems very fair, the kit production aspect (resin casting) is not that good. But if you are tenacious and want that baby, it is doable.
We owe a lot to M. Dujin in any case, since many of these subjects may have been never kitted (and probably will never be again). His enthusiasm and love for the hobby were surely great, but the kits are perhaps not for the average modeler.
I am glad I built this one, and now we can look at a nice lines of a fine Italian sports machine, thanks to Monsieur Dujin (and lots of work and persistence!).
My heart-felt thanks again to Mika Jernfors of Artic Decals, from whom I commissioned the decal set. As he always does, he went well beyond and above and came up with a delightful set of precise, perfectly printed high-quality decals.
If you have one of these Dujin Breda 33 series 1 kits, I highly recommend you contact him to get your set.