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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Daimler-Klemm D623 - 1/72nd scale scratchbuilt, second model

With a special dispensation by Royal Decree from Volkania, which authorizes me to post this second model of the Daimer-Klemm L.21 (this time the winner of the 1925 Rundflug) I give you D623.
Evil Genius Sönke Schulz, in an act that makes him even greater, has agreed not to bust my humble workshop with his death ray.
You can see the post with D622, the twin machine, here:
As explained before, there were a few differences between the two planes. D622 wasn't completely finish by the start of the Rundflug, so some areas appear not having been painted. D623 (the model here) had reputedly an overall aluminum finish, white fuselage, the Mercedes-Daimler star on the nose, metal-colored struts, a few more fairings on the struts (notably the front wing struts which housed the throttle mechanisms) and a windshield.
Now we can see them side-by-side, as they perhaps appeared at the start of the Rundflug (D622 crashed before finalizing the race).
A few images of its construction and then some photos of the completed model, alone and with its twin (The Twin Twins -sorry, couldn't resist). Helga appears in a few of the images, too:

Construction was in part parallel with D622:

 A sight was modified to make the Mercedes star. Take that, belicists!:

 Carving of the layered wood prop commences:

 Helga is trying to hide by the tail:
 Herr Schubert is playing possum trying to be noticed by Helga:

 Helga and Sönke, the real pilot (no matter what history says) is wooing Helga:
 Herr Schubert interrupts, aided by a mooing cow:
 Sönke pretends to check the fuel pump, but we know what he is after:

 A car comes and takes Herr Schubert to the secret quarters of the Irregulieren, where he is demanded to sing lieders for 24 hours:


  1. The same as in the twin D 623: Excelent research and building. Armando Gil.