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Friday, November 25, 2016

Hawker Hurricane racer completed (Academy+Lifelike Decals)

Here comes the Hurricane
(Or, as friend Patrice Roman just said, a "Pacific Hurricane" :-)

(For some notes and the step-by-step building post, please go here:

A very nice, inexpensive, well-detailed Academy kit that assembles quite well and for which decals are already in the market, so no need to reinvent the wheel this time.
An exciting departure from the dull versions seen already to the point of indigestion.
For you heretics of the 1/48th sect, there is a Hasegawa kit -that has a few mistakes, though, check against photos.
Beware that this racer went through many changes, look as said at photos for details, like different exhausts, antenna, decoration, race number, mirror or not on the canopy, and so forth.
I created my own mix of Hawker Blue with three different blues from then Model Master range. I used the wonderful Lifelike Decals Hurricane Pt.1 set, but taking only what I needed to create the first appearance of the plane, without race numbers, with only one "the last of the many" legends on one side, and a slightly different position -according to photos- of the wing registrations.
I added a rear-view mirror and a metal ring on the carb intake, again following photos.
A truly enjoyable kit, a very nice and well-behaved set of decals, a superb-looking civilized subject: modeling paradise.

Oops! had forgotten the walkways for the pilot to access the cockpit without sliding :

The three racers recently finished, to give an idea of size and proportions. The camera software doesn't know what to do with the colors: