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Friday, August 25, 2017

The British Heinkel, G-ADZF - ICM conversion, 1/72nd scale.

And here is the British Heinkel, as strange as this may sound
To obtain this version a new nose was made and some other parts were modified and added.
For some historic background and the step-by-step review and construction post, please go here in this same blog:

The plane went trough a few modifications during its not very long life, having a change of engines and other details, so check your references if you attempt this conversion.
I acquired the decal set from Arctic Decals, with the necessary new registration and the corrections needed for other images, so I did not use the ICM decals.
I added in a few photos my scratchbuilt Thomson Bros refueler, just to add some color to the scene.
Again, if you are interested in this variant, please check the construction article to find what is needed and what was added to the ICM kit, which, by the way, is far superior to the old Revell molds.
I understand this ICM kit was re-issued by Revell, but alas, only in the drab, predictable, and frankly not at all uplifting military variant.
This sort of obscure part of aviation history is henceforth given its place in the modeling universe. 
The only "good" Heinkel.


  1. As far as I remember Rolls Royce used one as an engine test bed.

    1. That's right, Richard.
      The same plane sported several engines.

  2. Excelente, un saludo. Armando Gil.