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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Arctic Decals + Dekno Northrop Gamma 2C conversion kit

Not so long ago I started to play with the venerable Northrop Gamma kit from Williams Bros.
I modified the original kit, scratched some parts and was able to obtain more arcane and attractive versions from it.

In those occasions I commissioned the decals from Arctic Decals.

Fortunately for many modelers, Arctic Decals decided to partner with Dekno Models to take matters further, and offer modelers the necessary conversion parts for the Conqueror Gamma cast in resin and meant to marry the newest version of the Northrop, the Delta released by Azur/FRROM, which shared the same wings and stab with the Gamma.
So instead of using the Williams Bros kit, you will be using the Azur/FRROM release to match the provided resin parts.
Here some photos of the contents that include, in true Arctic Decals detailed and meticulous fashion: -instructions with photos and plan
-many accompanying notes to facilitate building and decal application
-a mask option for the registration in case you want to paint it instead of using the provided decals
-masks for the canopy
-resin parts
-vacuum-formed canopy
-clear resin landing lights

Since the original had a few mods, decal options are included to reflect those changes.

In the future I'll be building this conversion, but for the moment I just wanted to let fellow modelers know about it, because only a limited number of copies were made.

Arctic Decals (link to item):

I would like to mention that I have no financial ties of any kind to this endeavor, nor any gain.
Dekno's rendition and parts are their own, and not based on my scratched parts. They designed the conversion parts and cast them to complement Arctic Decals' set and as said to match the Azur/FRROM kit necessary parts.

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