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Monday, March 3, 2014

DR Design 1/72 Otto Lilienthal Kleine Schlagflugelapparat 1893

All the same comments I made in the previous postings regarding this manufacturer's kits are valid here too. Actually this kit has some parts' commonality with the other Lilienthal machines issued by dR design.
This one presents again the Abominable Resin Man, but quite clean photoetching -although with many blocked holes (included the bigger ones trough which the vertical structural member passes) that had to be drilled at the cost of two tiny drill bits (the metal is tenacious)- and the instructions with truncated captions.
Again as in the very similar Lilienthal glider posted before I opted for very thin metal rigging instead of the filament rigging that warped my first model and had to be removed. The structure is simply not rigid enough to remain stable under the tension of stretched monofilament.
Building can proceed after the mandatory cleaning and it is not very demanding. The flying surfaces should be covered first. I used the kit's covering material. Be sure to curve the wing as per images (and photos) and provide adequate dihedral.
"Building" is not the issue here, but the cleaning, preparation and painting of the figure, covering and trimming of the flying surfaces, not to mention the rigging. In those steps is where most of the time and attention to detail will be spent. 

 Now for the fun part: rigging!
And here it is completed:

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  1. Another interesting Project, congratulations. Armando Gil.