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Monday, March 3, 2014

DR Design 1/72 Otto Lilienthal Kleiner Doppeldecker 1895

Double trouble, if you forgive my pun.
Please refer to the many posting on this blog regarding this manufacturer kits: the Santos Dumont 14 Bis, the Lilienthal glider, the Clement Ader Avion III, and the Kleine Schlagflugelapparat 1893. I can't add much to what I already said. This time around the etched parts had all their holes perfectly cleared, but the pilot was suffering from existential hollowness, or internal emptiness, and had to be not only refined as the previous ones, but filled. The rigging instructions are not entirely accurate, consult photos to correct that. Those things are not terrible, but I rather spend my time building, not correcting manufacturers boo-boos and lack of quality control. The instructions in this kit are better than the ones in the others, although with a couple misses too.
Nevertheless, and as I said before, we do have another beautiful Lilienthal glider, even if there is a price to pay. Twice.

 The hollow man:

 Now better I go for the aspirin bottle before I start the rigging

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  1. Excelent job, congratulations, Armando Gil.