Monday, September 29, 2014

Khee-Kha Art Products 1/72 vacuformed Bellanca CH-300 Pure Oil / Tiolene / Woco Pep

I have already built many of the offerings from Khee-Kha Art Products in Alaska.
Their vac+resin bits kits are really nice and really fairly priced.
Here is the latest project, a Tiolene/Pure Oil/Woco Pep Bellanca CH-300.

Different schemes and airframes for the Tiolene / Woco Pep / Pure oil Bellancas:
Bellanca 300-W NC12617 seen in three configurations:
-In one photo it appears (with a portrait of Jimmie Mattern insert) with a toothed speed-ring. The wing and wing strut leading edges have a color band.
-Same plane later appears with completely painted wing struts and a color band all around the perimeter of the wing. The speed-ring has now only two triangles one on each side and a very thin painted leading edge. Landing gear is also colored. A wind-driven generator is attached under the nose by three rods.
-Same machine, almost same scheme, but this time not painted wing struts.
Bellanca CH-300 NC10017 seen in two configurations:
-As represented in this model and
-Same livery but a different engine, big spinner and different exhaust arrangement.
This model was built in parallel with a twin -in another livery- that I may post in time too.
As usual I tried to document the building so it may be of help for fellow modelers. This particular machine had no steps, otherwise present in almost any other Bellanca to facilitate access to the cabin.

 I use a permanent marker to define the parts:
 A few light careful passes with a new blade:
 Back and forth bending motion usually cleanly separates the parts:

 Interior less inst. panel and rudder pedals (these have to be attached to the resin nose provided):
 Individual windows are prepared:

 I use a different approach for the wing spars, but the kit's is also sound:

The last bits are being added. Still to go: oil cooler and exhaust extension: