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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Scratchbuilt Kalinin AK-1 model completed

Here is the scratchbuilt Kalinin AK-1 model completed.

For the posting of the step-by-step building process please go here in this same blog:

Since speculation is the mother of all philosophies, you will pardon me if I have speculated a bit regarding the colors of this plane.
As explained in the building article you can see illustrations of this plane in red, metal, green, grey and other colors. Fellow modeler Alain Bourret based his dark-blue/light-blue model on a color description given in a reputable aviation magazine.
Of the model on skis I made I have seen only one photograph. Besides the skis you may notice: there are no louvers of any kind on the cowl (too cold winters in Russia). The color on the fuselage an tail looks very dark on the B&W photo. The color of the wing is very light. We could safely assume the color of the nose was aluminum. There are no visible marks, registrations or any other inscription of any kind. It is not clear at which point in time this image was taken, if before receiving any markings, after one of the many repairs, etc.
I interpreted those "colors" the way I deemed reasonable.
The sort of lumbering appearance of the AK-1 is very appealing and reminds me a lot of Little Nemo in Slumberland for no particular reason.  I guess that's the way art works.

In taking the photos I noticed that there were items I had forgotten to add, so I added them and took additional photos:

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  1. Another dark spot in modellinh history gets light, congratulations Gabriel. Armando Gil.