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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Macchi C.94 "Corporación Sudamericana de Servicios Aéreos" decals

An Argentinean civil decal set!
Being most of the time forced to make my own decals, which requires research, computer skills, taking measurements, study photographic references and lots of time, I am really happy when I find a decal set that is appropriate for one of my projects. Not to mention that the quality of professionally-designed/printed decals is usually superior.
So here it is this new set that I just purchased from Mika Jernfors of Arctic Decals: the Argentinean Macchi C.94s that operated with Corporación Sudamericana de Servicios Aéreos.
This set is the ideal companion for the Broplan 1/72 scale vacuformed kit.
The set comes in a re-sealable plastic pouch, is well protected, and includes and extensive color-printed reference booklet, a note on magazine references, and some beautiful self-adhesive, pre-cut "metal" window rims The images are very sharp, the printing quality is very good, with separate white background images to use as a base for some of the color ones, which makes register a problem of the past.
There is another set from Arctic Decals that covers the Ala Littoria liveries of the Macchi C.94:
Mika has a wide range of offerings, and he can be reached here:
Here some images of the sheet for the Argentinean Macchis:

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