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Monday, January 5, 2015

Polar Lights Robby the Robot completed

This is the finished model post.
For the step-by-step building article and review please go here in this same blog:

The two creatures:
One has no heart, is calculating, cold, and driven by ruthless motives.
And the other is the robot.
The good thing is that the fans of the genre can make an almost decent replica of Robby the Robot with this kit. My son Mateo will have a much better replica because he has a loving father that happens to be a decent modeler. This kit should be better and could have been made better. There are no excuses. To a modeler it feels chunky, heavy, coarse and deficient. To a toy -or memorabilia- collector it may feel different. I wouldn't know.
Any modeler with average skills and a bit of experience will pull a good one out of this. At the cost of some extra time and some profanity-muttering.
Polar Lights does a good thing rehabilitating this old kits and making them available, but since they charge a price and don't do this entirely from the goodness or their hearts, they can do a much better job "polishing", perfecting and upgrading them. Or at least making sure that the molds are repaired, and revising some of the parts.
Nevertheless and regardless of the well-deserved nit-picking, I hope my son Mateo will be happy to have Robby at home.

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