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Friday, January 23, 2015

Northrop Delta 1/72 conversion completed

Finally the model is completed.
My thanks again to Jim Schubert and Lars Opland, who allowed me to have their kits.
This conversion involves -as explained in the step-by-step building post:
the Williams Bros. Northrop Gamma and the Esoteric Models Bodyjob "conversion" (long OOP now) vacuformed fuselage.
To say that this "conversion" needs "modifications" to make it ok would be a grave understatement. This Esoteric Models "conversion" needs tons of time and effort to render a decent model. I took the time and the grief and am happy with my model, but this is by no means a swift project. This needs real dedication and no little amount of scratchbuilding, even if you have the bonus that part of the job is done in the form of the Williams Bros. cannibalized parts. I always draw a good deal of satisfaction in taking one of these sub-standard models and making the best I can of them. You could say this is something we usually have to apply to some life situations...but I digress.
In any case, I have been wanting a Delta and now I have one.
As I said in the above-mentioned build post I choose the Ellsworth Antarctic Flight machine, but there are other beautiful Deltas. Of the Ellsworth Delta there are just a few images, all not very good, which is surprising given the endeavor this plane undertook. It ended up being sold in and to Australia, where it served for a time.
Now, what about some manufacturer releases the earlier Delta airliners with that sliding canopy on the top?


  1. Love those sunset photos! Another great subject and well done.

  2. Quite an effort, and excellent potos, congratulations Gabriel. Armando Gil.

  3. A superb feat of advanced modelling! And those sunset shots are marvellous.

    Kind regards,