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Monday, February 9, 2015

Amodel 1/72 scale Kalinin K-5 completed

The Kalinin model is completed.
You may read the step-by-step review and building article here:

This is a good kit of a nice, classic passenger plane, and a relevant one as aviation history goes.
I am really glad that some manufacturers are venturing now into the realm of civil planes. They have a particular charm and usually interesting careers, and in more than one occasion their contribution to aviation and history was truly remarkable.
This particular machine was an "agitation" plane, that is a propaganda plane and without doubt it may have provided with rides to people that usually may have never been able to have access to such an experience as flight.
It was an elegant plane of sound construction that deserved to be kitted.
Looking forward to other Amodel releases of civilian planes, a line they have contributed to with several kits already. For many more!


  1. Very nice, Claudio. The relative size of the horizontal tail is quite small, isn't it.

    1. Thanks John
      Indeed. But considering this is a not a free-flight model...

  2. Awesome. I'm inspired to do that t now as a free light model, even though is all silver, which we know to be deadly to wife and scale judge appreciation. May I have this one?

  3. An excellent build for a flying beauty! The build log is worth studying as well.

  4. AGAIN one of my favorites subject kit. Thanks for the step by step presentation. Love this inter-war airplanes!!