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Thursday, March 26, 2015

1/72nd scratchbuilt Nemeth Umbrellaplane (from the Archives, 2007)

(From the archives, 2007)

The Nemeth Umbrellaplane, as its name indicates, was created to minimize the weather impact while waiting on the tarmac on rainy airstrips. Or not.
Thanks to one of the very good publications issued by Bill Hannan at Hannan’s Runway, this model could finally see the light of day (under the umbrella, that’s it).
This beautiful machine was the brainchild of Mr. Nemeth, and was built by students of the University of Miami. The fuselage is from a stretched Alliance Argo, and was powered by a Warner Scarab. Later in its life the wing was altered to another, even stranger, split configuration.
A bit more of information can be found at Aerofiles:
The model, as you can tell by the “in progress” photos, is made basically, as usual, from styrene sheet and rod. Aeroclub engine prop and wheels completed the needed parts.
The forest of struts was dealt with using brass “Strutz”.
Once I got all the parts on the table I gently blew over them and pronounced the powerful word “Shazam!”
And the model came to life.
The truth is out there.

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