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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mikro-Mir 1/72nd NIAI Fanera 2 completed

Here is the little Fanera completed.
The review / step-by-step building article is here:

It is no doubt an attractive plane of unusual configuration.
The kit is affordable and has some think-out-of-the-box engineering, but it is a mixed bag:

The good:
a) reasonable number of parts, good surface detail, well appointed for 1/72 (engine, interior)
b) photoetched bits
c) window masks!

The bad:
a) confusing instructions that lack clarity, have too small detail drawings and contain mistakes
b) a few ill-designed parts (wheels bigger than pants' internal space)
c) horrible, unusable, total failure decals (at least in my kit). Scan them in high-res and print your own. It is a drag, but better than deal with decal confetti.

If you are interested in this plane, there is enough on the Net to satisfy your curiosity if you have a modicum of dexterity handling Net searches.


  1. Great kit construction! This step by step presentation will give me courage to begin myself the work to this wonderful little plane. Thanks Gabriel !

  2. Nice little jewel. I did catch a very short You Tube on this little guy. That Italian designer "Bertolli" (I think I have it right)...looks like he may have had influence on the all wing style of design... Vey nicely done. I hope these kits are less painful than A-model. The esoteric is very cool! Keep up the good work and sharing...

    1. Hi there
      Thanks for your kind words.
      And yes, this is an approximation to the "all wing" concept, like the Northrop wing of 1929 that I also build from scratch:
      The Russian designer team of the Fanera was actually Lisichkin/Rentel
      Best regards