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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gordon Stevens (Rareplane vacuformed models) passed away

Dearest Gordon
Can't say much at the moment, although a lot could be said.
Others surely will, and deservedly so, for your outstanding contributions to this hobby of ours and the fantastic lad you are. 
Yes: are.
Have a peaceful journey to everland.
You are loved and will be missed
Thanks for your friendship, kindness and camaraderie.  And all those wonderful kits.

Gordon passed away on Wednesday, October 28th
A year ago or so I added a link to his "History of it All", hosted by; you will find it at the side bar to the right if you scroll down a bit.

Janet and Gordon in their 60th wedding anniversary:
Some of the many wonderful kits Gordon produced and I had the pleasure to build:


  1. Mr. Gordon Stevens passed away on 28th October 2.015, I feel deeply his lost as he was an innovator and an excellent person, with long-term influence in the modelling world; I was his first customer in Latin America, and keep in touch for years, and got again in contact not long ago. Thanks my friend for so many hours of enjoyment and kind words in your newsletters. Rest in Peace. ARMANDO GIL M.

  2. Also an outstanding craftsman, his vac kits often still outshine injection-molded versions of the same subjects that have been produced since. After Rareplane, Gordon mastered kits for other producers, like Esoteric's gem-like Douglas Dolphin. His was always a class act, & a tough one to follow.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and contribution with more information (of which I wasn't aware). Your own vacuformed kit masterpieces are in the same class, and so is your human quality.
      Best regards