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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scratchbuilt Albatros L.72a (newspaper delivery plane) in 1/72nd. scale

Here is finally the completed Albatros, after a sort of longer than usual construction, which the complexity of this project demanded.
Just one of the many iterations of the type, all with colorful liveries.
The step-by-step construction article is here:

I reiterate my gratitude to Günter Frost und Günther Ott for their thorough article on this type posted at the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Luftfahrthistorik site:
My thanks once more to Alain Bourret and Sönke Schulz.
Regarding the plan that the above-mentioned article has, a few things to tidy-up:
The servo tabs for the lower ailerons are missing from the plan
The triangular door has in reality sharp, not rounded corners
There is a Venturi on one of the wing struts
The wing center tank seems in photos to be not as prominent (thick) as displayed in the plan.
Otherwise, I found that plan very useful, but you must always check with photos when possible.
(Some of the following images of the model show the plane with German buses for scale and dramatic effect, but those two buses were actually circulating a few years later than this Albatros).

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