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Thursday, August 4, 2016

SBS 1/72nd scale Farman F.190 completed

(This is the completed model article, for the kit in-box review and the step-by-step building article go here):
 The result of combining a superlative kit (by SBS Model of Hungary) and a thoroughly researched plane (by Michel Barriere) can not possibly make modelers happier.
You have an outstanding resin kit with none of the usual genre problems, an even some "tricks" from the injected field, like locating devices for the parts, and then Michel Barriere website:
which provides with an immense head start in your research, if for some reason you want to decorate your model with a livery other than the ones provided on the kit's decal sheet, or want to explore minor (or major) conversions to open the possibilities of your potential subjects.

As said in the review, this is a truly fantastic kit of a much produced and much used medium size nice French machine, with all the detail you may wish for and remarkable production standards (so far the best resin kits I have seen or built).
If you are careful and patient and have some building experience you will be able to produce a delightful model with some care and enjoy the build.
If you have built, for example, a Dujin kit before, you will be able to build the SBS model blindfolded, underwater and while you sleep.

As commented on the building article Mika Jernfors from Arctic Decals made a set of masks/window rims, needed to give the round windows the metal ring that surrounds them. The link to his page can be found on this blog to the right and above of this post.

SBS offers plenty of liveries for this kit, but if you want your own or learn more about the type, here some references:
Le Farman 190 et ses dérivés par Franck Roumy et Michel Barrière
Avions Magazine (the plans in these articles most likely contain mistakes in the wing panels)
1° Part : n°177, September-October 2010. Histoire et description (14 pages)
2° Part : n° 181, May-June 2011. Raids de 1929 à 1931 (1° partie, 24 pages)
3° Part : n° 182, July-August 2011. Plans des F.190 et dérivés (6 pages)
4° Part : n°183, September-October 2011. Raids (2° partie, 13 pages)
5° Part : n°184, November-December 2011, Raids (3° partie, 7 pages)


  1. Beautiful and effortless - nicely done as always!

  2. Beautiful and effortless - nicely done as always!