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Sunday, August 14, 2016

SBS' Latecoere 28 Comte de la Vaulx completed

(The step-by-step review and construction article is in this link bellow:

SBS' Latecoere 28 is a welcome addition to the slowly growing line of civil options provided by smaller (in size, but big in brains) manufacturers.
SBS releases of the different versions of the DH88 racer and the Farman F.190 (and other subjects) are to commend in every sense.
As said in the building article, you could build this kit as it is, but I decided to go a few extra yards to tweak it a bit and add some things.
The "Comte de la Vaulx" (in honor of a FAI preeminent member), flown by Mermoz, realized the first commercial crossing of the South Atlantic and added a record for that to its existing numerous ones.
The Late 28, part of the legend of "La Ligne", opened the South-American region to new horizons, and pioneered and heralded the future of commercial aviation for that part of the world.
Names like Mermoz, Guillaumet, Saint Exupery and many others will grow to the stature of legends.
In 1929 Saint-Exupéry was appointed director of the "Aeroposta Argentina ", a branch of the Aeropostale.
I made for this kit a full interior (the manufacturer provides a full cockpit) with restroom and cabin equipment. If you are curious, go the to link at the head of this post, BUT it you really need to use the restroom, please note that the toilet discharges au plein air :-)


  1. Very nice. I love your "between wars" subjects, they are so special ....

  2. Magnificent!

  3. I always visit Your page with great joy as the Golde3n Age is my favourite as modeling subject. Nice to see this kit built (as this one was my first really scratch project - SBS improved it a lot but the original masters are made by me) and I hooked to strachbuilding since. You and Your works give me a lot of encouragement and motivation.

    1. I am so happy you made the masters of this one, it opened -thanks to you and Csaba of SBS- a new chapter in resin modeling.
      You are also an inspiration.
      Best regards