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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Steve Ginter's book on the Sikorsky S.43 (with a section on civil use)

Those who know me and are familiar with this blog may ask why a book with a military plane on the cover is featured in this post? Well, in spite of the somewhat "belicose" ;-) title of this series ("Naval fighters"), this book has appealing civil content (which is what personally interests me and presumably the readers of this blog).
Other related Sikorsky civil types are mentioned, and good coverage of the S.43 civil versions with photos, drawings and details is included.
At the time I made my "Avalon Air Transport" Sikorsky S.43
I did not find a lot regarding civil versions of this well-known and much appreciated type. This book is a great help for those seeking additional coverage on this plane as an airliner and personal transport.
It is only fair to disclose that a page on this above-mentioned model is included in the book, but I have no financial ties or monetary reward for this very small contribution, that was done on my part only in the spirit of encouraging other modelers to embark on building civil versions from the two kits available (and described in the book).
Monographies are useful tools for modelers, and a good complement to any serious research seeking  to contribute to a more accurate model, and often provide interesting material not found or difficult to find in other places, besides the advantage of concentrating the information in one handy place.

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