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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/2 scratchbuilt Japanese experimental plane based on Nieuport 24 completed

The mysterious Japanese Nieuport-24 -based experimental plane is that sort of contraption that I just feel compelled to model.
The step-by-step building article is here:
Besides one lonely photo, absolutely nothing else was found during a long research period that spanned may years and involved contacting everyone I knew with a Japanese connection or a flair for strange spawns of aviation.
Based on that one photo, a 3-view sketch was devised to help visualize and engineer the model.
As said in the construction article, the Roden kit was used as a starting point and all the other elements were scratch-built.
The mystery remains: what was it? who built it? and why? Did it fly? is it a triplane? is it a random accretion of parts that resulted from a crash that was re-tied and is flying now in orderly formation?
Will we ever know?
And meanwhile, should we call it Wingzilla?
Alongside the Flick-Reinig Apteroid, other of my models with the same negative aspect ratio concept: