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Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/72nd Nieuport 28 NUCOA completed

Here is the sleek NUCOA Nieuport 28 used for advertising by the known brand, you may use your model to fly over your breakfast plate and spread margarine on  your toast.
Very Important people like Jim Schubert of Puget Sound and David Smith from the Arctic used to cook with it.

As noted on the step-by-step building post:
The kit was gifted by Sönke Schulz of Marzipanland, and the decals were commissioned from Mika Jernfors at Arctic Decals (a link to whom you may find to the right on the links section). My deepest thanks to both of them, and my salutations to the Ornithopters, my mental health support group.

This is a simple, straightforward, fun conversion of an inexpensive kit that renders a cute and different model, something to share with kids, for example, instead of the usual killing machine.
Another colorful civil addition to the Heavens.

Note: just a few photos of the original plane exist, mainly in the Flikr photostream of the SDASM. Although almost all lettering is shown in the photos, none clearly shows the top of the upper wing, so the lettering there is a guess on my part.


  1. Very interesting as always, thanks for the excellent article.

  2. Lovely! The Nieuport 28 was always a favourite of mine!

    1. Diego, you HAVE to build one, it's fun, the kit is ready available at a low cost, and a superb modeler like yourself will do an inspiring job.
      Go for it, only a few struts! :-)