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Thursday, February 23, 2017

1/72nd Houston-Westland G-ACAZ Everest expedition completed

G-ACBR was completed and posted yesterday. Today is the other Everest sibling, G-ACAZ.
Nope, I don't make them in one day. I build in parallel.

Here is one of the two Westland planes that flew over Mount Everest* for the Houston Everest Expedition, G-ACAZ (The other, G-ACBR is also modeled and posted here:
*Mount Everest, by the way, it's a name coined by the colonizing British (not uncommonly depicted by the locals as brutish) empire, that imposed "civilization" by disrespecting local names, traditions and -whenever convenient, necessary, or just fun- people. As all countries with imperial pretensions do. May be not the Mongols, though, according to records, who only pillaged and killed but did not make the peoples they conquered adopt their culture.
The mountain is locally known by two names: Sagarmāthā (forehead or head in the sky) and Chomolungma (mother of the world).
One more time my thanks to Mika Jernfors, from Arctic Decals, who designed and provided the high-quality decals I am so spoiled with.

The Step-by-step building article is here:

Once again, here are some of the necessary mods for G-ACAZ:
-Different landing gear
-No elevator or rudder trim tabs
-Fin/rudder with paint outline
-No wingtip skids
-Different wing tip and inset ailerons arrangement
-Different dihedral
-Different strut locations
-An additional diagonal strut between the inner wing struts
-Absence of little cutout inside the large wing cutout above the pilot's head
-The lower wing cutout meets diagonally the fuselage, instead of meeting a straight short section as in G-ACBR
-There were no visible "zippers" on the fuselage sides of G-ACAZ.
-A small rectangular opening or window is seen low on the fuselage side aft of the lower wing
-G-ACAZ has only one aileron control horn (two on the other plane)
-The exit holes for the tail control surfaces are slightly different
-The oil radiator is in a different position, aft and a bit lower than the one in G-ACBR
-There were three diagonal louvers on the nose on each side
there are other details. Look at photos of the original. Find out, don't be lazy.


  1. really well done - truely a polished piece of perfection again!

    1. Dear Keith
      Well, perfection, far from it.
      And your models are spectacular, we all know.
      But glad to see it finally completed.

  2. ...really very cute little planes. They cost you an Everest and half of another ^ ^..., but the result is in sight, the research work, fidelity with the necessary reforms, patience², and the painting, as always, exquicit. Of your best work without a doubt. Abrazos

    1. Hola Matías!
      Viniendo de un genio del modelismo y del scratch como vos, un gran cumplido!
      Hi Matías!
      Coming from a modeling and scratch genius like you, a great compliment!