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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Civil Mitsubishi Ki-15 Karigane II newspaper courier completed

(This is the completed model post, for the step-by-step building article please go here:

This is one of the several civil versions of the Ki-15 (I and II) that flew for Japanese newspapers in the late 30s, in this case for Domei News.
This somewhat old kit now re-released by Arii is very nice and only needs a few touches to render a nice model.
As explained in the building article, there used to be aftermarket decals for this one, but are now OOP, so I had to make my own, helped by the fact that the images needed are very simple and black. The hinomaru were taken from a kit´s stock decal sheet.
This worked out as a relatively easy assembly with very few touches as a break from more complex and demanding endeavors, also showing how easy is to take a nice, affordable, available old kit and turn it into something not often seen on shelves and much less in model shows or meetings where bang-bang is sadly more predominant.
I found some of the info regarding this build some time ago on the Arawasi website:


  1. You may have spent more time with photography than building on this one. Very nice.

    1. Not true, John.
      I spent more time replying to you.