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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

London Bus type B 1920 - Keilkraft 1/72nd scale kit with a couple tweaks

(This is the completed model. For the step-by-step article please go here:

What is it with double deckers that produces such fascination?
In 1/72nd scale, this is a nice complement for a model diorama or photography.
Contemporary of the Fokker F.II I built in parallel, it makes an ideal companion for a photo session.
To the nice -if a bit basic- nature of this kit I added an interior, a radiator cap, a replacement crank, windows and axles. Entrepreneurial modelers may add more detail, or make for it other decals, but the kit's are just fine. 
Oh, that stairs to heaven! to see the world from above!

This model was built to use as a prop during photo sessions, like here, with a contemporary Fokker F.II:

 The growing fleet of 1/72nd scales vehicles:

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