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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hansa W.33 civil, Tiedemann flying advertisiment, Broplan 1/72 vacuform conversion with Arctic Decals

The colorful flying advertisement plane for Tiedemann is now completed:

 For the step by step building article please go here:

The modifications involved manly a different nose and a new two-passenger accommodation aft position. Some parts of the Broplan kit were discarded, like the engine and some struts, a tad crude for the purpose. A whole new decal set was commissioned from Arctic Decals.
It is a rewarding experience to make those drab and gloomy WWI birds into more joyful machines with appealing color schemes and much more positive lives.
Flying advertisement went along with aviation development from its very beginnings, and since the purpose is of course to grab attention, the resulting models of them are per norm visually striking.
As another example, here is a "NUCOA" converted WWI plane, a Nieuport 28, that did not need any modifications of the original kit:
Many kits can be converted with little or no modifications into out-of-the-ordinary models that present another side, more luminous, of those magnificent flying machines.


  1. Very nice job on the Hansa and great photography. I like the gloomy skies, almost looks like you're in the Arctic ;-)


    1. Thanks Peter.
      The wildfires produced those skies, we are in California.

  2. The Hansa W34 can be liveried whatever you like, it's a jewel in itself, and your work is master jewelry.

    1. Thanks Pablo!
      Indeed the Hansas are charmingly ungainly.