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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello everybody
I have been uploading dozens of builds that were posted in many sites over the time, in an attempt to consolidate all the models in the same place. Actually I have about 30 or 40 more that I did not upload here for several reasons.
As it is now, it took the form of a racconto of my modeling endeavors over a period of about 8 years, starting in 2006.
It encompasses many scratchbuilding projects -from the very first of them, the Stipa/Caproni- as well as models made of vacuformed, resin and  short and long run injected "normal" kits, plus conversions, adaptations, etc.
I hope these models -and especially the photographic chronicles of their building process- will inspire other modelers to venture beyond the standard subjects and techniques. If they do, they may find the experience highly rewarding, as I certainly do.
The last postings of this blog before uploading the archives correspond to the Potes 62.1 airliner and the Stinson "A", those two are the last models I have built so far.
From the archives I posted models that were as diverse as I could, some are simple, others more complex, some came out ok enough, some a little better. The idea is to offer as much as possible a broad view of with what and how can models be built -and sometimes even why- in all the available media and particularly scratchbuilding, from the more simple first steps to more elaborate projects.
Whenever possible, I added relevant -or better- pictures or text -not present in the original articles- and corrected some mistakes.
In these 8 years I have built more than 250 models, not all here, but a large number of them are posted and you can browse the blog to your heart's content.
I would also like to take a moment to express my gratitude to my fellow modelers and friends, aviation historians, publishers, kit makers (but not all of them :-) and all people to whom we are directly or indirectly indebted.  A special wink to my two sons: I share with them different aspects of the hobby, and also to the members of the secret society known as Ornithopters.
I am no expert, and many, many, many modelers build incredible pieces that make me gasp in awe.
I am just an enthusiast, but I do have an agenda. I would like the modeling world to open up more to new types of models, from the Pioneer Era to the Golden Age, which convey a very different message and intentionality than killing machines, and I believe the glamor, adventure, creativity and strong will of those pioneers can touch the heart and mind -especially of a kid- in a very different way than a plane that carries loads of bombs and armament and was used to kill people, whichever the reasons. That means no disrespect for any model or modeler, just a personal choice and a personal call. If you hear the same voice, even if very faintly, I invite you to have a look at another region of the Modeling Universe. One you can share more constructively with sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, any little people, and many adults.



  1. Amazing.

    I just found your site, I guess just in time..

    Looking forward to a few hours rummagging these pages