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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Airfix Shorts Skyvan

(From the archives, built in 2005)

This little, boxy beauty, exhibiting the traditional Airfix rivet treat was a relaxing project. Fit wasn't great, flash was abundant, pieces exhibited stubborn warps, but, for some reason, it was a delight to build (why, I wonder, we insist with these aging that a case of inexplicable longing, looming childhood memories, toy-ish moving pieces, sheer masochism?). Acrylics were used for general finish, enamels for metal details, future for the transparencies. Decals behaved  schizophrenically, but justice triumphed again. 


  1. At this scale, the rivets (especially Airfix type) do not you think it affects the accuracy?

    1. Hi Clau
      Surely they do!
      If you read the subtitle of the article, this model was built in 2005. Now I can produce better models, we all learn with time ;-)
      It's funny, because I just made a joke in Britmodeller about exactly the same issue, with this same kit:

  2. Thanks for the reply. Next time I read the subtitle;-))