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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Scratchbuilt Tupolev Ant-2 1/72nd scale

(From the archives: Year 2008)
(This was one of my firsts scratch projects, 300 models later, and I am still learning. A lot)

The Tupolev Ant-2, reputedly the first all-metal passenger plane made in Russia, shares its looks and technology with some cousins from other nations.
It is simple enough to be constructed from “corrugated” styrene sheet and a few plastic rods and metal bits.       
The “limousine” configuration was also used by other manufacturers and conferred attractive, curved lines that blend beautifully.
Every time I am able to finish a model like this one, I realize how much do we owe to fellow modelers, historians and enthusiasts that make the information available to us. To them all: Thanks!


  1. Hello,
    Your works are so brilliant!!!
    What styrene model did you use? What are the characteristics (thickness, rib width)?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Claudiu
      I don't really remember the details, this is an old model. The sheets were either Evergreen or Plastruct. They come in different patterns that vary in pitch, thickness, etc. You have to look at their catalogs and find what is adequate for your project.