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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The miracle of flight

Aviation is many things, but mainly and foremost it's about flying.
The magic, the amazing, unbelievable feat of being able to defy gravity, to soar, to explore.
A miracle, no less miracle today than it was thousands of years ago.
However, the most valuable and humane aspects of aviation that we could share with the youngsters, like records, races, passenger transport, cargo transport, acrobatics, private aviation, early aviation, Golden Age, are relegated to a few entries in contests and shows, and basically never at the forefront of marketing material, webpages, or even newsletters.
War is big business. Even if it's blood money, many don't care. 
If we, as modelers, parents, friends, human beings, do not chose to encourage positive aspects of aviation, but to perpetuate the celebration and glorification of war and violence, not much will change. And we may agree that some things need to change (like the president, for instance).
Look at your kids or just the kids in general. Perhaps you may see that what it's said here has, at least, a particle of truth.

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