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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sctachbuilt 1/72nd Horatio Philips multi-plane -1904

(From the archives, a 2006 build)

  Well, you can see it by yourself. Reality can by stranger than imagination. The pioneering work of British Horatio Philips left many contributions to science and a great deal of machines that, after a convoluted and complex path, ended up influencing contemporary art. Among those -reputedly- flying machines, the multiplane (20-plane, to be precise) of 1904 is the subject of this modeling endeavor.
Basically a simple machine to model, the multiplane doesn't require too much effort until you arrive to the "multi" part of multi-plane.
I could find just one image of the plane, which differed from the plan I got, so I went along with the photo.

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