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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Modified Vacuum-formed Joystick Models Rumpler 5A2 Limousine - 1/72nd scale

The Rumpler luft-limousine -in one of its liveries- is now completed.
 The post with the construction article is here:
In this small way, we would like to honor Edmund Rumpler, the creator of the plane. His contributions to aviation were vast and significant, and he also created a car that is a delight to contemplate, the Rumpler tropfenwagen.
Because Rumpler was Jewish, he was later imprisoned by the despicably moronic nazis (so watch out for your incipient but growing dictatorships), who destroyed his life and tried to ruin his legacy.
This little and attractive bird was the cause of an enormous (and unexpected) amount of research.
I am deeply thankful for the help received from Mr. Günter Frost and colleagues at  
Their input was invaluable. Needless to say, any possible rights are theirs, and if any wrong was included, it's only mine.
Their site has a plethora of interesting articles on Golden Era civil planes, mixed up with the occasional off topic (for this blog) subjects.
 My gratitude also goes to Sönke Schulz and Alain Bourret, indefatigable Ornithopters.
Needless to say without the wonderful set from Mika Jernfors of Artic Decals there would have been no model.

 His set included two registrations with some variations, and I have already purchased the Choroszy kit to use the more complex decoration in the near future.
This limousine changed a bit along its life, presenting variations in its decoration, so check carefully your references.
As many of you know, I feel a special pleasure "rescuing" old kits and giving them a new life (the pleasure doubles when I convert a bellicose machine to a more kind and peaceful civil incarnation), but there is also a kit from Choroszy of the Ru C.I; and for those inclined to the heretic 1/48 scale, there is a Planet Models kit too.
Once more, via the simple expedient of changing a bit here and adding another bit there, you can create an unusual and rewarding model, with a completely different intentionality, that you can share joyfully and pedagogically with the young ones.

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