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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Civil conversion for KP LVG C.VI - 1/72nd, injected

Kabine conversion, anyone?
 I am always on the lookout for mainstream or arcane models that can be converted to civil variants.
The combination of historical significance and aesthetics provides already a field: the post WWI conversions of machines by demilitarization and some simple adjustments or addenda for the new role, sometimes in the guise of "put on" passenger cabins.

 Those who visit these pages know that I have done a number of those, many of which work on the more or less simple expedient of scratchbuilding the needed cabin parts and create or commission new decals, that is: doable for many modelers.
Most recently I have finished a Rumpler:

But also a very long time ago there were other projects like the Hawa F.3 (scroll down once there to get to subject):

and the Hansa:

It is not a matter of slapping a cabin on, you have to do your homework to pick up other details that usually change, and then work on the alternate decoration.
To me, there is a lot of satisfaction involved in changing the intent of a machine from killing to more civilized roles, like passenger transport and such.
The new KP kit looks certainly good, like the recently built Avia B.H.11.
The detail is good, the instructions are good, the molding is clean and the subject has potential for many civil post-war conversions. The price is fair. No photo-etched pars are included but some alternate parts are included (for the spares bin ;-)

Dear friend, modeler and patterner extraordinaire Matías Hagen (the link to his site is in the side bar of the blog) from Argentina, made this resin Benz IV, which is a beautiful, accurate and clean cast. The kit's engine is quite OK, but this is certainly better in my eyes, and what I will be using:
 The other side:
The kit's engine, again, pretty fair, and Matias':
 The other side:

To be continued.....

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