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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Modified Northrop Gamma Experimental Overweather Laboratory completed -1/72nd Wiliam Bros kit + Arctic Decals

The modification of the old and venerable William Bros. kit is now completed.
For the context and step-by-step review and built article, please go here:
 This model adds one more plane for the fleet of modified Gammas, and it's a good companion to the recently-finished Conqueror Gamma flown by Jackie Cochran:
Hopefully, more will follow.
Although I had purchased the William Bros decal set that covers this and other subjects -it's a nice sheet- some added details I wanted to add and the need to correct some inaccuracies made me also purchase a wonderful set from Arctic Decals, to whom I am very grateful. Many scratchbuilding projects are not possible without after-market sets, ort custom decals, or specially-designed sets. Thanks Mika!

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