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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aubrun-Payen AP-10 (From the archives, 2007, ten years ago!)

Aubrun-Payen AP 10

Specially conceived to fly to the Boulangerie, get the highest possible number of baguettes and croissants and get back on time for breakfast with minimum fuss.
A collaborative venture between Nicolas Roland Payen and Aubrun originated this cute little French plane that was propelled by a 25 hp AVA engine.
It flew in 1935 and 1936 receiving later a 40 hp engine which modified a tad the nose profile.
At 4.95 meters of wingspan this tiny plane was a consistent flyer of which a derivative, two-place version was conceived but ultimately not produced.
Quite a sight it must have been with those curvaceous, moth-like elegant lines and the purr of the small power plant.


  1. Very much a personal flivver. Hop in to run into town to a cafe while diverting across counties to your favorite shop, and back home for lunch.
    The 2-seat enclosed version would have sold.