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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shire Scenes HO scale bicycles

Some of you have asked about the bicycles I posed with some of the models on photos.
Since bicycles come in all sizes, it is easy to adapt an HO (1/87th scale) accessory to a 1/72nd scale diorama.
I found these photo-etched items in a train store, and their quality is high. They are easy to fold to form the completed 3D model and easy to paint. They even have little clear "lamps" that you can add.
With a bit of patience and care you can dress-up a model photo with an element that is realistic, gives a sense of scale, and is not intrusive.
This is the kind of thing that makes my friend and fellow modeler Alain Bourret -who indefatigably cycles through the Canadian tundra- so happy. Although he would be happier if the bikes were in 1/48th scale.
The brand of this accessory is Shire Scenes and they are from England.
And who doesn't love the Shire.


  1. Orcs! Orcs don't love the Shire! And Saruman. He hates it too.