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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SZD-16 Gil (Bullfinch) Completed -1/72nd scale, PZW

The Gil (Bullfinch) is now completed.
The building sequence can be consulted here:
A few details have been added to its interior, and some not small research had to be conducted to come up with the right details and colors.
For some of that info I am grateful to my Polish musician friend Vânçê Gilbêrt ♪
Since the kit's decals are incomplete, I printed the little text on the fin and provided the colored decals for some details.
This glider-themed sort of sideline is nice and relaxing. I have a few more to go, hopefully interspersing them along more demanding builds.


  1. Mr.Stern- The cosmos have finally aligned- we are working on the same kit at the same time - Inconceivable!
    Did you use the kit decals except for the little rudder script? I have some great interior pictures- apparently it was inspired by a Scottish muse- the seat covering is Tartan....and the interior is all tubing with a bit of wood around the seat area...
    Are you sure of the side stripe color? I was under the impression it was Red....
    I will send you an e-mail and of course try to cull any extra detail pics you might have from you

    Beautiful as always!


    1. Dear Keith
      I have no doubt yours will be an exceptional model, as all your creations.
      Yellow stripe color is confirmed in two Polish texts, so is the gray, which to me looks weird for a glider, but is precisely described in contemporary accounts.
      Looking forward to see your rendition.