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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pitcairn Autogyro HO scale completed (Williams Brothers kit)

The diminutive windmill is completed.
 The posting with the step-by-step construction is here:

 I am sure it will be a nice complement in the background of model photos, lending credibility to the "ambience".
As said before in the building post, adventurous modelers with decal-making abilities can expand the range of possibilities greatly.
There are liveries that do not need those outlines on the flying surfaces, or have a much easier -darker rather than lighter (which facilitates masking enormously) -outline.
There are liveries with no outlines at all, that are still very appealing.
The kit is nice as described although it needs a somewhat caring modeler with a modicum of experience.
Thanks to Daniel Brett at Williams Brothers for his kind customer service and for keeping the line alive, and to James of the Puget, who facilitated access to the bigger drawings that come with the 1/48 kit's big brother.
Autogyros are definitely charming machines, having a sort of merry-go-around nostalgic aura to them.

Forgot to add walkways, here they are in place:



  1. That is indeed a good-looking paint scheme! (and job recreating it)