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Friday, March 10, 2017

Caudron C.600 Aiglon "civilian"- SBS, resin, 1/72nd scale- Completed

The Aiglon is ready now to revive its many adventures.
This is a superlative kit in any regard. The perfection of the casting, the unbelievable level of detail, the fit, have been all reviewed in the construction article, but no reiteration is enough. I keep discovering things, just now the minute detail on the headreast -the cushion and its tiny rivets.
A lot of care has been put into this one.
Congratulations SBS for the level of the kits, a fair price for what you get, and the civil subjects.
The livery I chose -from the three available from the kit- is the plane used by Madame Finat (wife of Maurice) and pilot Reynaud to fly to Madagascar in January 1936, quite a feat.
There was an article on the C.600 type on Luchtvaartkennis 2010-01, now you only have to move to the Netherlands for several years to learn Dutch in order to be able to read the magazine.

Madame Denise Finat was  a remarkable character, and she even run a political campaign (feminist).
Considering the freaking mess we are here in the US, I wish she could be the president (try grab that one, you despicable, vulgar, ignorant clown in office, you tweeting hemorrhoid).
(You may look here:)

The building sequence can be consulted here:

My very talented computer-able friend, Maurizio, from Genoa, Italy, made this two photo-compositions:


  1. You do make it look so easy- fabulous as always!

    1. Hi Keith
      Hey, your models are the ones that are fabulous :-)
      But it is indeed an "easy" kit. You only have to take care of not messing up.